Follow the below clean up steps if you are running this workshop on your own.

Thanks for your interest in the workshop. If you would like to stay connected click me

Clean up

  • Go to Redshift Console

    • Select the cluster created as part of the workshop
    • Choose Terminate
    • Uncheck snapshot creation
  • Go to Managed Apache Airflow Console

    • Select the Environment created as part of the workshop
    • Choose Delete
  • Go to Glue Job Console

    • Select the nyc_raw_to_transform job
    • Choose Action, select Delete
    • Go to Crawlers in the left menu
    • Select all the crawlers created as part of the workshop
    • Action » Delete crawler
    • Go to Tables in the left menu under Data catalog
    • Select green and other tables created
    • Action » Delete table
  • Go to S3 Console

    • Click on the airflow-yourname-bucket
    • Select all the folders in the bucket
    • Choose Delete
    • Follow through with the delete steps
    • Go back to S3 List, select the bucket and choose Delete
  • Go to IAM Console

    • Select all the roles created as part of the workshop
    • Choose Delete role
  • If the MWAA VPC was created using CloudFormation during the MWAA setup

    • Go to CloudFormation Console
      • Select the MWAA-VPC-xxxx Stack
      • Choose Delete
    • If you create a VPC manually to be used for the workshop
      • Go to VPC Console
        • Select the MWAAEnvironment VPC
        • Actions » Delete VPC
  • Go to Cloud9 Console

    • Select the airflow-workshop environment
    • Choose Delete