Lab Guide (v1.10.12)


Module Estimated Time to complete
Starting the Workshop 10 mins
Setup of Managed Airflow, S3 and IAM roles 20 mins
Building a Data Pipeline with Glue, EMR and Redshift 30 mins
Building a ML Workflow with Sagemaker 30 mins
Cleanup 10 mins


  1. Basic SQL knowledge
  2. Basic Python language skills

A few do’s and don’ts before we start

  1. Please do check on the pre-requisites for each module before starting the activities within the module.
  2. Feel free to explore all the configuration options available, but stick to the configurations mentioned in the lab guide for creating the resources. :)
  3. Remember to replace the name of S3 bucket and other AWS resources to the one created for the workshop wherever mentioned (Replace yourname with your name).
  4. All the links open up in a new Tab on your browser. You might want to keep some of the Console windows (IAM, S3, Glue, MWAA, Airflow UI, and Cloud9) open to easily switch back and forth during the course of the workshop.
  5. Also, do not forget to clean up the resources at the end of the workshop if you are trying out this workshop on your own (and not at an AWS Event)

Alright, roll up your sleeves, it’s time to get started!